10 Essential House Designing Tips for 2022

When designing a new house, there are so many things to consider; it is easy for self-builders to get overwhelmed. It is easy to forget essential elements that can significantly impact the final property. Here are ten essential house designing tips you should remember when designing your house.

10 Essential House Designing Tips for 2022

1. Start with the basics

To make decisions about your custom house plan, you don’t have to use fancy software. All you need is a pencil and some paper. Draw your ideas and Brainstorm. List the features you want in each room and get your thoughts out on paper. Even rough sketches can help you and your team understand what you want.

Start with the basics

2. Budget beyond construction work

Your finances will have a significant impact on the design of your home. Although most people realize that they must factor in the cost of building work, it is easy to overlook the other important factors. It is not uncommon to spend a lot on seemingly minor items, but they can add up to thousands of pounds when added together

Budget beyond construction work

3. Budget for:

  • Landscape
  • Finance and insurance costs
  • Professional and local authority fees
  • site surveys
  • Access from the highway
  • Service connections

Some elements, such as sewer connection and planning fees, can be reasonably predicted. Others must be estimated

• Finance and insurance costs
Landscape for home

3. Consider the future

Are you planning to have children, or do you already have them? Are you caring for ageing parents? If so, you will need to consider how to accommodate close family members in many situations, including returning college students, grandparents and elderly parents, as well as accommodating extended family members for holidays. If you plan to move from an office job to owning your own business, your custom home design should include flexible office space. When you look at the amenities in your home plan, it is like deciding what type of family you want to be. Consider features that your future self will appreciate.

4. Maximize the potential of your assets

Many times, people looking for a custom-designed house plan have the land where they will live. You may already know the location of your custom house. However, you should also consider the size, topography, and best features. If your lot has a natural landscape, you may choose to have your living room face that feature. This placement will allow your family to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area. You might also consider putting bedrooms near a stream or brook to enjoy the sound of running water as you sleep.

It would help if you considered the slope of the land when designing your home. A custom home designed for steep slopes will look different for flat lots.

. Maximize the potential of your assets

5. Prioritize features

Upon drafting your ideas in rough form, you can start prioritizing the features included in your new home. Custom home design can quickly go over budget if you allow your imagination to run wild. There are so many options, so it is essential to pick the crucial elements of your home design. If you have always longed for a box window in your kitchen to grow herbs, it may be worth prioritizing that feature over installing a line to support a gas stove.

6. Function and flow are essential

The planning of the layout of the rooms is crucial, and it should start at the beginning. Then, think about how you want your final design to flow and how you might use each space for your family. If you have a family that gathers around the kitchen, an open plan floor plan will work well for you, and it allows you to easily flow from the living area, kitchen, and dining room. This design allows for excellent flow between rooms.

7. Be inspired by the light

Light can have a profound effect on our lives. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of seasonal depression, can be found in areas with little sunlight during the winter months. The disorder causes depression and weight gain, and it can also cause social withdrawal, sleepiness, and lethargy. Skylights are an intelligent addition to any house plan if you have ever suffered from SAD or your new home is located in a region with long, cloudy winters like the Pacific Northwest. This placement will maximize natural light and help you feel more at ease. Skylights can be bright even if your mood is not cloudy, and they reduce artificial light usage and provide up to 30% more light than vertical windows.

Lighting is also essential in the layout of rooms in a home plan. For example, if you desire to have natural morning light in the dining nook, you should face it east to catch the morning sun.

Also, it is essential to consider how the electrical lighting in your home will affect comfort. A custom home designer might recommend bright task lighting to illuminate the kitchen counters to make food preparation easier. Lighting can also affect mood and use dimming sconces to create a feeling of peace or romance in the bedroom.

Lighting is also essential in the layout of rooms in a home plan

8. Reduce noise

House plans often overlook the importance of soundscape. Because of all the entertainment options we have, unwanted noise is a problem. Your home’s fabric must be strong, well-sealed, and as solid as possible.

A critical factor in reducing disturbance is the layout of your house. Consider how you can make their bedrooms quieter. For example, you could put bathrooms or built-in closets between the rooms.

Sound travels faster to rooms below, which means that a second or attic space may not be the best place for loud family members. Open-plan living is becoming more common. Ensure a living space or snug that is separate from the main activity areas. This will create a sanctuary of calm and peace for quiet activities like reading or homework.

9. Storage solutions

Owners of new homes often complain about the lack of storage space. It’s easy to underestimate the number of possessions you have or will acquire during the initial stages of a home design.

This is why garages are often empty. You will find bikes, equipment for the gym, unwanted Christmas gifts, and other junk instead. You can add lots of storage space to your home at a fraction of the cost and loss of floor space, but this will need to be planned initially.

Built-in storage is more efficient than wardrobes or chests of drawers that are freestanding. It can also extend the height of rooms.

A pantry is another option, and it can be used to store separate kitchen items. Sturdy shelves make it easy to access kitchenware and produce that may be difficult to fit into standard cabinets.

10. Plan furniture arrangement

House plans rarely show more than a few blank rectangles that indicate rooms’ size, location, and shape. Sometimes, the contents of a house are only considered after the property has been built.

Many self-builders want to preserve family heirlooms such as a chest of drawers or a dining table. Furniture of unusual shapes or sizes can significantly impact how other pieces are placed and the proportions of a room. Period furniture is not designed to be disassembled to pass through standard doors or up cramped staircases.

While it is helpful for designers to include standard furniture symbols in their drawings, these are only diagrammatic and have little to do with what you already own or want to purchase. If you don’t consider this, the risk of your furniture not fitting into the room design is very high.

Plan furniture arrangement


House designing is not a simple thing to do. However, if you have a basic idea then you can start making draft by your own until you meet an expert. Your scope should not be limited only to above mentioned essential house designing tips as there are plenty of ideas and suggestions. You can find the on the internet too. However, we endeavor to bring you the best ideas and suggestions so that you won’t face any hassles during the planning phase of your house designing.

If you have any novel ideas and suggestions, please comment below and we are more than happy to share them with our readers.

10 Essential House Designing Tips for 2022

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